Friday, 1 October 2010

Topics for imminent posts

  • The past is orange: if William of Orange had not died childless, would the UK and Holland now be one country?

  • Private schools: the most important way to reduce class-based unequal outcomes in schools is to abolish private education. So argued an articulate working class teenage girl from Kirby, Lancashire, last week on John Humphreys' documentary.

  • In a keynote speech during his visit to the UK last week, the Pope asserted that 'morality is founded on religious belief': most commentators failed to question this. Do you have to believe in a God to lead a good life?

  • Incentive payments to achieve targets can actually make results worse: see a recent animated lecture on the RSA website.

  • 'Most people can do most jobs' (Richard Sennett): talent is not scarce, and we need our education and training systems to stop operating as if it is.

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