Sunday, 6 February 2011

Education for the Good Society; Compass Conference

10.30am – 4.00pm Saturday 5th March at the NUT, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD

The Education for the Good Society Conference will bring together those on the democratic left to discuss alternatives to the current neo-liberal education settlement.

The limitations of New Labour’s education project and the election of a Conservative-led Coalition Government, with its agenda of austerity, markets and traditionalism, means that we have to ask fundamental questions about the purposes of education and its role in building the Good Society.

Conference speakers will include specialists from education and those involved in wider democratic left politics –
Prof. Richard Sennett, Fiona Miller, Neal Lawson, Prof. Tom Schuller, Prof. Ewart Keep, Prof. Ken Spours, Martin Yarnit, Prof. Jane Martin, Prof. Gary McCulloch, Prof. Michael Fielding, Dr Tom Sperlinger, Matthew Horne, Dr Jeremy Gilbert, Rhona Downie, Donna Hayter and representatives from Labour’s education team (tbc).

Conference themes, based on commissioned papers, will include:

Education for the Good Society
Education and fairness
Schooling for the Good Society
Lifelong learning
Education and sustainability
Education, skills and the economy
Education and democracy
Education for inclusion
Education and innovation
A curriculum for the Good Society
Visions of higher education

The conference will be organised around plenary sessions and workshops and there will also be a special session on ‘Schooling in Alberta’ with Rhonda Evans of the Guardian in conversation with Fiona Millar.

The final conference session will discuss how we develop what some all the ‘triple agenda’ - a long-term vision for change, influencing the policies of Labour and other progressive parties over the next few years and, crucially, connecting with professionals and the wider public around key campaigning issues.

Participants will be asked to contribute £10 on the day towards the hiring of the venue.

If you are interested in attending and reserving your place, please email -

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