Monday, 25 April 2011

Tesco town

My response to Neal Lawson's post at

Isn’t Tesco one of best and most successful examples of the logic of capitalism: relentlessly pursuing market dominance – presumably no one in their boardroom could argue against it without appearing to have lost their marbles. TESCO corporate strategy is pursued with the logic of mass production – efficient achievement of measurable goals, elimination of the human and particular in the process of making that strategy, which tends to produce the same effects in the world – the elimination of the human and particular.

I’m not against mass production in principle (at least I don’t think so at the moment) but I suggest we need to ask ourselves the question: which stuff is it Ok to mass produce, and which is it not? Maybe lightbulbs and pants are OK, but presumably no one would argue that our school system should be organised on mass-production principles?

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